California Rideshare Accidents

The Los Angeles County area is the most populous area in the United States. Traffic is incredibly congested, and ridesharing offers a convenient solution for many California residents.

Over the years Uber and Lyft have made ridesharing even more convenient. Studies indicate that rideshare options makes the streets safer, reducing both driving under the influence (DUI) arrests and fatal traffic accidents.

Unfortunately, there are complications as well. Liability can be difficult to determine when ridesharing results in an accident. If the passenger, driver of another car, pedestrian or bicyclist is injured, it can be hard to pinpoint who is at fault.

If you were injured in an accident involving a rideshare vehicle, it is to your advantage to speak with an attorney experienced in handling rideshare car accident claims as soon as possible.

Ridesharing Attorney in California

Have you been involved in an accident with Uber, Lyft, or another rideshare driver in the Los Angeles County or Tulare County area? Liability can be hard to determine. You need an aggressive experienced accident attorney to represent you.

Damages in a personal injury claim can be life changing. Financial costs are a burden to your already busy life. The attorneys at Larian Law Firm are qualified legal professionals who best understand how ridesharing is translated into the law.

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Liability in Uber, Lyft, and other Ridesharing Cases

One reason rideshare accident cases are complicated is the intricate nature of automobile insurance for rideshare drivers. In most car accident cases, the responsible driver will have automobile insurance. That insurance company will be responsible for paying any claims against the driver.

Some drivers operate vehicles without insurance. If they are in an accident, the injured party’s own uninsured motorist coverage will apply. However, most personal automobile insurance policies do not cover rideshare services.

California law provides greater protection than most state. The California Legislature has required rideshare companies to provide $1 million in liability coverage from the moment the driver is matched with a passenger through drop-off.

Gaps in Rideshare Insurance Coverage

The company-provided insurance generally does not cover an accident that occurs while the driver is logged in to the app waiting for a match. The driver’s personal automobile insurance carrier may argue that this phase constitutes the commercial use of the vehicle and deny coverage.

Some rideshare drivers who have not yet been matched with a passenger may be liable for an accident. In this occurrence, both insurance companies may attempt to deny responsibility and avoid payment of the claim.

Working with an Experienced California Rideshare Accident Lawyer

At Larian Law Firm you get attorneys that are knowledgeable about rideshare accident cases, who can investigate your claim and determine which party or parties may be liable for your injuries.

This is critical because suing the wrong party or leaving out a party can greatly reduce the compensation available, or even result in no recovery at all. If you’ve been involved in an Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare accident, it is in your best interest to contact an accident attorney.

Do not sort out the complicated maze of responsibility and insurance coverage alone. Give yourself the advantage of working with an experienced attorney from the beginning. The attorneys at Larian Law Firm have two decades of experience in kinds of auto-related accidents. We understand California ridesharing and collision laws. Get in contact with an attorney at Larian Law Firm, we represent clients in the greater California area.

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